Industrial Waste Control

The Great Lakes Water Authority’s Industrial Waste Control group implements and enforces an Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) to regulate the discharge of commercial and industrial waste and wastewater. The IPP includes the following elements:

Pretreatment Program – regulates the discharge of toxic pollutants to the sewer collection system and performs inspection, monitoring, enforcement control and administration of industrial and commercial wastewater discharges. All Users must comply with general requirements and Significant Industrial Users must comply with permit-based requirements.

Surcharge (High Strength) Program – is a cost recovery program for commercial and industrial waste discharging conventional pollutants above Domestic Levels and payment of additional treatment costs ($/lb) associated with these Users.

Special Discharge and General Permit Program – authorizes the discharge of special wastes and wastewaters including groundwater, construction water, spent products, and other short-term projects through a permit program.

Hauled in Waste Program – authorizes the discharge from waste haulers of septic tank and septage, and other domestic wastewater through a permit and ticket/token payment program

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Specific questions and information can be obtained by contacting the Industrial Waste Control group .
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