The One Water Partnership provides a great opportunity for collaboration between GLWA and its member communities. It helps create a team environment where we can address water and sewer issues that impact us all.

- Tom Casari, Northville Township DPW


The One Water Partnership provides members the opportunity to be involved in decision making, and to build working relationships with GLWA staff, as well as the many member communities. It promotes team work.

– Paul Trosper, Troy DPW

Become a Member Partner

With an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, GLWA provides the products, services and resources you need to successfully support your community.

Along with our unparalleled water and wastewater utilities, we utilize multiple platforms to share information. Key among these is our member outreach portal, which houses work group documents, a calendar of events and contact information. We also utilize a customizable water meter data interface (WAMR) and wastewater meter data interface (GDRSS), available to our member partners. Additionally, the GLWA team produces and shares original content on social media, including educational videos and notifications on emergency situations.

Key Benefits of Joining Our System

  • One Water Partnership Agreement
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Member Outreach Portal
  • Neutral Third-Party Facilitators
  • Strong Executive Support
  • Operational Collaboration

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