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Additional work needed to complete water main break repair; no impact on water quality

“GLWA Field Service Crews and contractors continue to work around the clock to accomplish the repair of the 48-inch water transmission main that broke in the area of 14 Mile and Drake on Sunday, October 31. While crews had been successful in isolating the valves on the broken pipe to begin repair work yesterday, the isolation did not hold and water once again began filling the excavated area. GLWA has developed a solution to this issue that is planned to be implemented by Sunday, November 7, allowing crews to then complete the overall repair of the 20-foot section of water main by late next week. This timeframe includes pressure testing, disinfecting and flushing the main, as well as conducting water quality testing required after all repairs of this nature.

Throughout this process, impacted communities will continue to have water flow. However, it will continue to be at the lower level they have been experiencing since the main broke.

It should also be noted that the results for both rounds of water quality testing came back clear and the boil water advisories have been lifted in Commerce Township, Novi and Walled Lake.

GLWA will conduct a full analysis to determine the cause and any further assessments needed once all work is complete.”

  • Cheryl Porter, Chief Operating Officer-Water & Field Services, GLWA

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As we work together for the greater good of the region, GLWA coordinates projects for civic improvement and provides members with educational resources. Our One Water Partnership Agreement outlines the mutual commitment between GLWA and those we serve, including the One Water Mission: To collaboratively ensure a One Water system approach to our regional water and wastewater system that will be economically, socially, and environmentally responsible and sustainable.

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Established in 2015, the Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) provides direct assistance to low-income households struggling with their water and wastewater bills. The program also provides home conservation audits and funds for fixture repairs or replacements to help further reduce the amount of homeowners’ bills moving forward.

Representatives from the surrounding counties worked hand-in-hand with GLWA to create a program that is first of its kind in Michigan, and one of only a few models for sustainable assistance plans in the country. Day-to-day management of the WRAP program is provided by GLWA’s contractual partner Wayne Metro.

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