Doing Business with GLWA

As GLWA continues to improve our water and wastewater systems, we rely on a network of skilled and efficient vendors.

All vendors must be registered with Bonfire in order to provide goods and services to GLWA. 


As a vendor, you will receive:

  • Solicitation alerts customized to products or services provided
  • Reliable and timely delivery of notifications, addendums and documents
  • Advanced notification of term-contracts
  • E-bid and e-quote submission
  • Immediate and on-demand access to local government opportunities

No bid submissions will be accepted by email for items posted on Bonfire. To register for Bonfire, click here.

If you encounter problems while registering, please call the support department at Bonfire, 1-800-354-8010.

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GLWA Procurement Policy

On November 14, 2018, the GLWA Board amended the Procurement Policy with an immediate effective date.  This effort encompassed a comprehensive review and reflects feedback from internal and external stakeholders.      

4th Annual Vendor Outreach

GLWA recently held its 4th Annual Vendor Outreach event and rolled out a new direct payment program for our vendors. If you missed the event, click below to get an overview.

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Staff Directory

GLWA vendor outreach staff directory.

Procurement Policy, Terms, Conditions, and Forms

Below are GLWA's Procurement Policy and Terms and Conditions for our vendors.

Procurement Updates and Pipeline

The goals of this communication are to inform the business community about opportunities with GLWA as well as other key updates and topics of interest.


In April 2018, GLWA launched a Small Business Recruitment Program to increase the number of respondents to GLWA procurements. In addition, our goal is for the program to:

  • Expand the number of firms with water and wastewater expertise in the region
  • Facilitate collaboration among larger firms with smaller firms
  • Issue clearer bid/proposal documents (in particular, noting when work does not need to be completed by a general contractor)
  • Provide a venue for two-way communication of challenges and opportunities to ensure that GLWA is a customer/client of choice in the vendor community

We consider the following organizations partners to achieving mutual goals:

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For more information, talk to our co-leads Ian Thompson, PE, and Susan Kopinski who use their experiences as a civil engineer and former Chief Financial Officer, respectively, to manage this program.

Review our Financials

We are committed to the highest level of transparency for our customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders, which is why we share our key operating and financial information with you.

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Reach out with questions, new contract information or contract negotiation during out procurement office’s available hours.


Please refer to these additional procurement and solicitation resources for general project information.