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June 25-26, 2021 Rain Event: Information on Applying for FEMA Assistance & Filing an Appeal

Click here to file an application for FEMA assistance for the June 25-26, 2021 rain event. The registration deadline for FEMA has been extended to November 12, 2021.

If your FEMA claim has been denied, click here for step-by-step instructions on how to file an appeal with FEMA (scroll down to the “If You are Denied” section). The City is also encouraging residents who need assistance with their claim to visit either of its two Disaster Recovery Centers: Kemeny Recreation Center (2260 S. Fort Street) and The Salvation Army (3000 Conner Street).

You may also qualify for assistance provided by a group of local realtors. Please click here and scroll to the end of this news article for more details.

Welcome to GLWA Procurement!

Our Vision

The GLWA Procurement Team is a strategic cross-functional partner whose goal is to provide and manage effective procurement processes and procedures for the acquisition of quality goods and services in support of the Great Lakes Water Authority’s mission and goals.

Our Mission

The GLWA Procurement Team is a dedicated, service-oriented, team of professionals who support business partners with the best possible procurement, negotiation, financial, and informational resources. We achieve this by creating an environment that enhances productivity and transparency for qualified vendors with open and fair access to Great Lakes Water Authority business opportunities.

Our Goals

  • Maximize service satisfaction through effective cooperative and cross-functional relationships with our business partners and external member partners.
  • Maximize cost containment, cost avoidance, and acquisition savings.
  • Provide education and training related to the policies, procedures, automated systems operation, processes, and regulations related to the acquisition of goods and services.
  • Promote a positive, efficient, and effective work environment.
  • Implement, promote, and maintain sound competitive business practices and auditable procedures.
  • Ensure that all GLWA groups are following procurement policies and procedures in an effective manner.

Transparency in Procurement

GLWA is committed to transparency in public procurement. We demonstrate that transparency by providing a searchable database of all contracts on the Procurement Portal, an annual report of all procurement activity presented to the Audit Committee, and through the access to open procurements through Bonfire.

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FY 2020 Annual Procurement Report

Pursuant to the Great Lakes Water Authority By-Laws Article XII, Section 4, the Procurement team has prepared an annual report detailing all contracts entered into by the GLWA for the last fiscal year ending June 30, 2020.

Doing Business with GLWA

As GLWA continues to improve our water and wastewater systems, we rely on a network of skilled and efficient vendors.

To log into your Bonfire Vendor Profile, or to view Open Public Opportunities, Past Public Opportunities, and Public Contracts, please click View Solicitations. For Instructions to Vendors, please see the section below entitled Procurement Policy, Terms, Conditions, and Forms.

All vendors must be registered on Bonfire in order to provide goods and services to GLWA. 


As a vendor, you will receive:

  • Solicitation alerts customized to products or services provided
  • Reliable and timely delivery of notifications, addendums and documents
  • Advanced notification of term-contracts
  • E-bid and e-quote submission
  • Immediate and on-demand access to local government opportunities

When registering in Bonfire, please provide the full and unabbreviated name of your company and keep your profile information up-to-date to ensure that you receive all GLWA Vendor Communications.

The GLWA Buyer of Record, noted in the advertised Solicitation, is the only GLWA point of contact throughout the procurement process. This helps to ensure that the bidding process is fair and transparent for all.

No bid submissions will be accepted by email for items posted on Bonfire. To register for Bonfire, click here.

If you encounter problems while registering, please call the support department at Bonfire, 1-800-354-8010.


Please see the following documents for information on GLWA’s Visitor COVID-19 Access Requirements. Below, also, is the link to GLWA’s new Visitor COVID-19 Questionnaire with COVID-19 Testing / Vaccination Requirements which will go into effect on April 5, 2021. Visitors are required to submit the Visitor Questionnaire each day they provide onsite services at GLWA facilities and project worksites and should plan to complete the form before leaving their homes.

Procurement Pipeline

The Procurement Pipeline is a monthly newsletter designed to provide informative updates on doing business with the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA). It also includes upcoming solicitations slated for advertisement within the next three to nine months.

Business Inclusion and Diversity (B.I.D.) Program

On February 1, 2021, GLWA launched the Business Inclusion and Diversity (B.I.D.) Program to encourage participation by small, woman-owned, minority-owned, and economically disadvantaged businesses in the GLWA procurement process.

The B.I.D. Program provides business opportunities to vendors who support the values of inclusion and diversity in selecting their business partners. For solicitations budgeted at $1 million or more, vendors will be required to submit a Business Inclusion and Diversity Plan that addresses their efforts to include small, woman-owned, minority-owned, and economically disadvantaged subcontractors. Over the long-term, this allows GLWA to support economic development throughout the region and to expand its pool of skilled resources.

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B.I.D. Program Requirements

Please see the document below outlining the B.I.D. Program Requirements.

Review our Financials

We are committed to the highest level of transparency for our member partners, investors, employees and other stakeholders, which is why we share our key operating and financial information with you.

2021 Staff Directory

Click the link below to view GLWA’s 2021 Vendor Outreach staff directory.

Contact GLWA

Procurement Contact

For general information about Procurement, call or email and we will get back with a response in a timely manner.
Contact GLWA

Vendor Outreach Contact

For general information about Vendor Outreach, call or email and we will get back with a response in a timely manner.
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B.I.D Program Contacts

For more information, please contact Megan Torti, Vendor Outreach Coordinator or Michael Lasley, Procurement Manager.