Media Storm Alert Update: September 22


DETROIT – After an evening of heavy rainfall, the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) reports that the regional collection system, and the associated power feeds into the Freud Pump Station are operating as intended.

Throughout Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, GLWA team members and contractors, along with technicians from the Authority’s external power supply partners, were on-site at the Freud Pump Station to help diagnose and troubleshoot electrical issues. While the potential power-related issues did not impede pump station operations, valuable data and insights were gathered that will assist in improving electrical operations at the pump station moving forward.

GLWA team members and contractors, as well as personnel from the Authority’s external power supply partners will remain dispatched to the pump station through Thursday’s forecasted rain. Given the complexity of the system’s operations, and the fact that pumps can only be activated during a storm event, diagnosis and troubleshooting can only occur in real-time.

A Flood Watch remains in effect from the National Weather Service for all of southeast Michigan until 8:00 a.m. on Thursday. Continued rainfall, heavy at times, is also still forecasted, with rainfall rates of around one inch per hour possible.

“GLWA greatly appreciates the collaboration we’re receiving from our external power supply partners to help create better electrical reliability and resiliency at the Freud Pump Station,” said Suzanne Coffey, Interim Chief Executive Officer, GLWA. “I want to thank them and their crews, as well as the men and women of GLWA for their hard work.”

The Authority has also been in regular contact with its member partners on the Eastside that are tributary to the Freud and Conners Creek Pump Stations, and they remain on alert that GLWA may ask them to make additional adjustments to reduce or bypass flows to help alleviate pressure on the regional collection system.

GLWA asks residents in low-lying areas that are prone to flooding during heavy rainfall to remain vigilant and out of an abundance of caution, to remove items of value from their basements. This request is being made of residents because, even without the potential power-related issues that have been identified, this rainfall may exceed normal design standards for the regional collection system.


About the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA)

The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) is the provider-of-choice for drinking water services to nearly 40 percent, and efficient and effective wastewater services to nearly 30 percent, of Michigan’s population. With the Great Lakes as source water, GLWA is uniquely positioned to provide those it serves with water of unquestionable quality. GLWA also has the capacity to extend its services beyond its 88 member partner communities. As part of its commitment to water affordability, the Authority offers a Water Residential Assistance Program to assist low-income households in participating member communities throughout the system. GLWA’s board includes one representative each from Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties, two representatives from the city of Detroit, and one appointed by the Michigan governor to represent member partner communities outside of the tri-county area.