GLWA statement in response to Grosse Pointe Park

December 30, 2020

On Tuesday, December 29, 2020, the Great Lake Water Authority (GLWA) was exercising valves in the area of Alter and Kercheval as part of the Authority’s routine valve maintenance program. As a result of this valve maintenance work, residents in Grosse Pointe Park near Kercheval between Wayburn and Nottingham may have experienced discolored or rusty colored water.

When rusty-brown, orange or light-yellow water is experienced it is not normally a health concern but one of aesthetic quality. Operating valves (such as what GLWA was doing), hydrant flushing, routine maintenance and construction work are some of the causes for discolored water.


Rusty colored water events typically dissipate within two to eight hours, but can last longer depending on water usage in the area. Residents experiencing rusty colored or discolored water are advised to not to use the water until it turns clear. Residents should periodically check their water every one to two hours by running it for about three minutes to see if it is clear. If it clears, then they should flush the household plumbing by running all the cold-water taps including the bathtub and deep sink and flush each toilet at least once. All taps need to be open at once to ensure that all the water in the pipes is replaced with the clean water from the water main. Once the water is clear it is safe to use for cooking, drinking, washing clothes and other household activities.

We do not expect there to be any water quality issues. However out of an abundance of caution, GLWA has started sampling water in the impacted area to ensure that it continues to meet or surpass water quality parameters.

If residents have any questions, please contact Mary Lynn Semegen at (313) 999-3641 or Terry Daniel at (313) 999-2830 or email mary.semgen@glwater or