GLWA increasing system resiliency with improvements to 14 Mile transmission main

DETROIT— The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) announced today it is continuing to build resiliency into its regional system by proactively renewing segments within a 1.5-mile stretch of water transmission main along 14 Mile Road in Oakland County, adding as much as 50 years to its service life.

On October 31, 2021, a break occurred in a 20-foot section of GLWA’s 48-inch transmission main that runs along 14 Mile Road near Drake Road in Farmington Hills. Immediately after isolating the break and dewatering the pipe, GLWA took the initiative to proactively conduct an extensive physical inspection of the out-of-service segment of pipe. The inspection identified 18 sections of at-risk pipe within the 1.5 miles that require strengthening, including one section that was in an advanced state of deterioration.

After extensive discussion with GLWA’s member partner communities directly impacted by the break, it was determined that the most prudent course of action to protect public health and safety would be to extend the timeline for the repair of the original break to include the renewal work identified in the inspection. GLWA will also install two new valves along the 1.5-mile segment of pipe, which will provide the Authority with additional operational flexibility to help maintain levels of service to member partner communities serviced by this transmission main.