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File a Claim with GLWA or FEMA for damage from the June 25-26, 2021 Rain Event

If you are looking to file a claim for damage due to the June 25-26 rain event, please file your claim with GLWA or with FEMA.

GLWA Storm Operations Update Evening of Tuesday 7/20/2021

We want to alert the community, especially those in areas where residents have previously received flooding, that there is a severe storm warning in the forecast for this evening.

GLWA is asking residents to be on alert and be prepared with the ground still damp from the large amount of rain experienced recently in the region. The system is prepared and working as designed and has the capacity to handle the predicted level of precipitation. We want to ensure residents can plan accordingly in the event of a heavier rainfall this evening and in the event that flooding could occur.  

Due to anticipation of this severe weather, GLWA has staffed accordingly, including at it Conners Creek and Freud Pumps Stations and is reducing the wet well levels by storm pumping. Radar prediction is 2.5 inches per hour in expected intensity with an overall accumulation forecasted of .02-inches.