GLWA launches program to assess condition of water transmission mains using new innovative technology

DETROIT— Today, the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), in partnership with Pure Technologies, announced the launch of a program designed to assess the condition of its water transmission mains using two technologies: the SmartBall and PipeDiver. The launch of the pilot program, which will initially examine eight miles of water transmission pipe along 14 Mile Road in Oakland County, comes just one year after the Oakland County water main break that impacted nearly 300,000 residents in 11 communities. This latest innovation is a part of GLWA’s commitment to move from a preventative to a predictive maintenance and asset management strategy.

“The sustainability of the regional system is one of GLWA’s top priorities,” said Sue F. McCormick, Chief Executive Officer, GLWA. “Our commitment to the use of best practices and innovative technologies is central to our ability to ensure that our system functions at its optimal level – now and into the future. The use of this groundbreaking technology will allow us to do just that.”

The SmartBall technology, which will be utilized first, employs acoustic technology to detect leaks and gas pockets. The PipeDiver technology assesses the pipes to detect structural weaknesses. Both SmartBall and PipeDiver operate while the pipes remain pressurized and in operation, which is what makes it so state-of-the-art.