Volume 3: Wastewater Service Alternatives

Volume 3: Wastewater Service Alternatives

Supporting Technical Memoranda

 Preliminary Flow Projections for Alternatives Analysis

 Expanded Treatment Facilities within the City of Detroit

 Technical Feasibility of Satellite Treatment

 Technical Feasibility of a Wet Weather Flow Treatment Facility

 Review of Source Water Protection and Related Watershed Management Regulations and Programs

 Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Plants in St. Clair County

 Urban Streams Restoration, City of Detroit


Executive Summary Report

Volume 1: Planning Criteria

Volume 2: Critical Facilities and Flow Management

Volume 3: Wasterwater Service Alternatives

Volume 4: Capital Improvement Program

Volume 5: Customer Service and Technical Support Program

Volume 6: Evaluation and Regional SSO Controls

Volume 7: Implementation

Volume 8: Table of Contents and Glossary

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