Volume 1: Planning Criteria

Volume 1: Planning Criteria

Supporting Technical Memoranda

 Planning Area

 Review of Sewerage Studies in Wayne County

 Review of Sewerage Studies in Macomb and Oakland Counties

 Prior DWSD Studies – Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne Counties

 Description of Sewer Service Districts

 Evaluation of Other WWTP’s in DWSD Planning Area

 Review of Wastewater Quality and Industrial Pretreatment

 Evaluation of Collection System Design Standards

 Flow Projections from Significant Industrial Users

 Suburban CSO Basins in the DWSD Service Area

 Dewatering of Stored Wet Weather Flows

 Septage Transport and Disposal to the Detroit Wastewater System

 Projects in the Planning Area

 Review of DWSD Practices and Policies

 Review of Federal, State and Local Regulations

 Review of Emerging Regulatory Issues

 Review of Regulatory Issues for New Wastewater Discharge

 Evaluation of Greater Detroit Regional Sewer System Model for Wastewater Master Planning

 Recommended Standard Provisions for Wholesale Contracts Wastewater Generation

 Year 2050 Population and Employment Projections


Executive Summary Report

Volume 1: Planning Criteria

Volume 2: Critical Facilities and Flow Management

Volume 3: Wasterwater Service Alternatives

Volume 4: Capital Improvement Program

Volume 5: Customer Service and Technical Support Program

Volume 6: Evaluation and Regional SSO Controls

Volume 7: Implementation

Volume 8: Table of Contents and Glossary

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