Master Plans

GLWA’s Master Plans cover both our fresh water and wastewater operations for the next 50 years. This takes into account population growth, commercial and industrial needs, as well as the increased cost to maintain such systems. These documents serve as the basis for GLWA’s continued mission to deliver the best services to all of the communities we serve. The most recent Water Master Plan was prepared in 2015.

GLWA is championing an update of the Wastewater Master Plan and working with its partners to identify the issues and areas of opportunity for collaborative action.

2015 Comprehensive Water Master Plan

Final Report Part 1

Final Report Part 2

Final Report Part 3

Technical Memorandum (TM) 1: Customer Involvement Program

TM 2: Regional Population Projections

TM 3: Evaluation of Wholesale Meter Data

TM 4: Planning Criteria

TM 5: Water Demands

TM 6: Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Water Treatment Plant Alternatives

TM 7: Michigan’s Blue Economy

TM 8: Watershed Management and Protection Part 1

TM 8: Watershed Management and Protection Part 2

TM 8: Watershed Management and Protection Part 3

TM 8: Watershed Management and Protection Part 4

TM 9: Drinking Water Regulations Present and Future

TM 10: Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring

TM 11: Modeling Approach

TM 12: Review of Emergency Response Plan

TM 13: Water Treatment Plant Needs Assessment

TM 14: Needs Assessment for Booster Pump Stations and Reservoirs

Wastewater Master Plan Final Report and Technical Memorandum

Executive Summary Report

Volume 1: Planning Criteria

Volume 2: Critical Facilities and Flow Management

Volume 3: Wastewater Service Alternatives

Volume 4: Capital Improvement Program

Volume 5: Customer Service and Technical Support Program

Volume 6: Evaluation and Regional SSO Controls

Volume 7: Implementation

Volume 8: Table of Contents and Glossary


Task B:  Planning Criteria Appendix A-I

Task C:  Rehabilitation and Replacement Program Appendix A-H

Task G:  Temporary Flow Monitoring Appendix A-H

Archive 2002 Comprehensive Water Master Plan

Summary Report

Task A: A Review of Previous and Ongoing Studies, DWSD Policies and Regulations Related to DWSD Comprehensive Water Master Plan

Task B: Planning Criteria

Task C: Water Supply and Service Management Plan

Task C: Year 2000 Energy Optimization Analysis

Task C: An Evaluation of Unaccounted-for Water

Task C: Rehabilitation and Replacement Program

Task D: Source Water Protection

Task D: Water Quality Management Plan

Task F:  Financial Plan

Task F: Human Resources Plan

Task G: Temporary Flow Monitoring

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