Open Solicitations

Open Solicitations

Listed in reverse chronological order

GLWA-CS-302 Communication and Marketing Services

GLWA-CON-288 RFB (Electrical Tunnel Rehabilitation at Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant)

GLWA-CS-CON-252 RFB (Springwells Water Treatment Plant Steam, Condensate, Return, and Compressed Air Improvements)

GLWA-CON-280 RFB (Relocation of the Industrial Waste Control Division)

GLWA-CS-151A RFP (Reservoir Inspection, Design, And Construction Project at Imlay Station, West Service Center, Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Springwell WTP, And Southwest WTP)

GLWA-CON-279 RFB (Rehabilitation of Central Offload Facility at the Water Resource Recovery Facility)

GLWA-CS-271 RFP (Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Advisory Services Project)

GLWA-CON-243 RFB (Tenant Improvements Main Office Building 13th Floor)

GLWA-CON-254-RFB (Oakwood CSO Control Facility Drain Valve Improvements)

GLWA-CS-257-RFP (Employee Benefits Broker/Consultant)

GLWA-CON-215A RFB (Low Lift Caisson Rehabilitation at the Northeast Water Treatment Plant)

GLWA-CON-222-RFB (Rehabilitation of the Various Sampling Sites and Pump Station #2 (PS#2) Ferric Chloride System at Water Resource Recovery Facility)

GLWA-CS-201 RFP (Job Order Contract for Construction, Environmental, Special Testing, Inspection, and Other Technical Services)

GLWA-CON-253 RFB (Springwells Water Treatment Plant Reservoir Fill Line Improvements)

GLWA-CON-234 RFB (Conner Creek Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Basin Emergency Rehabilitation)

GLWA-CON-251 (Springwells Water Treatment Plant Replacement of 1958 Process Train Rapid Mix Units)

GLWA-CS-239-RFP (Good Metering Practice Analysis & Support Services)

GLWA-CON-182 RFB (Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant Backflow Preventer Replacement)

GLWA-CON-170-RFB (Sludge Removal and Disposal Services at the Northeast, Southwest and Springwells Water Treatment Plants)

GLWA-DB-135 (Security Infrastructure Improvements)



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