Open Solicitations

Open Solicitations

Listed in reverse chronological order

GLWA-SCP-CON-094 (Belle Isle Water Supply Intake Lagoon Ice Boom Replacement and Improvements)

GLWA-CON-170-RFB (Sludge Removal and Disposal Services at the Northeast, Southwest and Springwells Water Treatment Plants)

GLWA-CS-151 (Professional Engineering Services for Reservoir Inspection, Design, and Construction Project at Implay Station, West Service Center, Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant, Springwells Water Treatment Plant and Southwest Water Treatment Plant)

 GLWA-DB-173 (High Lift Pump Exciter Cubicle Retrofit)

GLWA-DB-135 (Security Infrastructure Improvements)

RFP-GLWA-CS-168 (Rehabilitation of GLWA Conveyance System Interceptors and Trunk Sewers)

GLWA-CON-143 (Roof Replacement of Incinerator Complex II-Post Fire) 

RFP-GLWA-CS-103 (Professional Engineering Services for Springwells Water Treatment Plant Low and High Lift Pumping Station Improvements)

RFB-GLWA-CON-158 (Specialized Services Contract to Support Systems Control Center)

RFP-CS-149 (Professional Engineering Services for Emergency Sewer Repair)

RFP-GLWA-CS-152 (Route Analysis and Preliminary Design)

RFP-GLWA-DB-150 (Design-Build/Repair for portions of the Pennsylvania, Springwells and Northeast Raw Water Tunnels)

RFB-GLWA-SCP-CON-127 (Decommissioning of Existing Water Main and Ductwork Rehabilitation at the Wastewater Treatment Plant)

RFP-GLWA-SCP-DB-112 (Springwells Water Treatment Plant Emergency Grating and Structural Steel Replacement)

RFB-GLWA-CS-090A (Professional Engineering Services for Instrumentation and SCADA Systems Service)

RFP-GLWA-CS-147 (Professional Engineering Services for Water Works Park Comprehensive Condition Assessment)

GLWA-RFB-CON-133 (Water Plant Production Flow Measurement and Related Facility Improvements)

GLWA-RFP-CS-076A (Compensation and Benefits Survey Services)

GLWA-RFP-CS-108 (Professional Engineering Services for Automation Needs Assessment of Water Treatment Plants

GLWA-RFP-CS-052A (Professional Engineering Services for Needs Assessment of Water Supply System Pumping Stations

GLWA-DBW-069 (Stipulated Fixed Price Design-Build Services for Construction of Lapeer County Isolation Valve and Associated Structure; Book 1)

GLWA-RFP-CS-077 (Occupational Health Services)

GLWA-DBW-070 (Stipulated fixed price design-build services for construction of Lapeer County Chlorine Booster Stations; Book 1 of 3)

GLWA-RFP-CS-055 (Professional Engineering Services for Yard Piping, Valves and Venturi Meters Replacement at Water Works Park)

GLWA-SCP-CS-045 (Professional Engineering Services for Replacement of 1958 Process Train Rapid Mix Units Springwells Water Treatment Plant)

GLWA-RFB-SCP-DWS-059 (Belle Isle Water Supply Intake Lagoon Main Entrance Bridge Pile Restoration and Other Bridge Improvements)

GLWA-SCP-DWS-065 (Conner Creek CSO Control Facility Access Hatches)

GLWA-RFP-CS-076 (Compensation and Benefits Survey Services)

GLWA-CS-039 (Units of Service for Non-Master Metered Customers)

GLWA-CS-036 (Comprehensive Regional Wastewater Master Plan Project)

GLWA-PC-795 (Pump Station no. 2 Pumping Improvements; Book 1 of 3 [part 1])

GLWA-RFP-CS-1738 (Professional Engineering Services for Orion and Newburgh Pumping Stations Improvements)

GLWA-SCP-CS-054 (Professional Engineering Services for the North Service Center Hydraulic Transient Analysis)

GLWA-RFP-CS-1749 (Professional Engineering Services for Ford Road Booster Station Improvements)

GLWA-RFP-CS-1781 (Oversight Services for Progressive Design-Build Rouge River Outfall Project)

GLWA-RFP-CS-052  (Professional Engineering Services for Needs Assessment of Water Supply System Pumping Stations)

GLWA SCP-CS-1777 (Professional Engineering Services for the Repair of Portions of the Springwells, Pennsylvania and Northeast Raw Water Tunnels)

GLWA-CS-1771 (Professional Engineering Services for the Condition Assessment, Design of Filter and Flow Instrumentation and Controls Improvements at the Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant)

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