Open Solicitations

Open Solicitations

Listed in reverse chronological order

RFP-GLWA-CS-168 (Rehabilitation of GLWA Conveyance System Interceptors and Trunk Sewers)

GLWA-CON-143 (Roof Replacement of Incinerator Complex II-Post Fire) 

RFP-GLWA-CS-103 (Professional Engineering Services for Springwells Water Treatment Plant Low and High Lift Pumping Station Improvements)

RFB-GLWA-CON-158 (Specialized Services Contract to Support Systems Control Center)

RFP-CS-149 (Professional Engineering Services for Emergency Sewer Repair)

RFP-GLWA-CS-152 (Route Analysis and Preliminary Design)

RFP-GLWA-DB-150 (Design-Build/Repair for portions of the Pennsylvania, Springwells and Northeast Raw Water Tunnels)

RFB-GLWA-SCP-CON-127 (Decommissioning of Existing Water Main and Ductwork Rehabilitation at the Wastewater Treatment Plant)

RFP-GLWA-SCP-DB-112 (Springwells Water Treatment Plant Emergency Grating and Structural Steel Replacement)

RFB-GLWA-CS-090A (Professional Engineering Services for Instrumentation and SCADA Systems Service)

RFP-GLWA-CS-147 (Professional Engineering Services for Water Works Park Comprehensive Condition Assessment)



GLWA-RFB-CON-133 (Water Plant Production Flow Measurement and Related Facility Improvements)

GLWA-RFP-CS-076A (Compensation and Benefits Survey Services)

GLWA-RFP-CS-108 (Professional Engineering Services for Automation Needs Assessment of Water Treatment Plants

GLWA-RFP-CS-052A (Professional Engineering Services for Needs Assessment of Water Supply System Pumping Stations

GLWA-DBW-069 (Stipulated Fixed Price Design-Build Services for Construction of Lapeer County Isolation Valve and Associated Structure; Book 1)

GLWA-RFP-CS-077 (Occupational Health Services)

GLWA-DBW-070 (Stipulated fixed price design-build services for construction of Lapeer County Chlorine Booster Stations; Book 1 of 3)

GLWA-RFP-CS-055 (Professional Engineering Services for Yard Piping, Valves and Venturi Meters Replacement at Water Works Park)

GLWA-SCP-CS-045 (Professional Engineering Services for Replacement of 1958 Process Train Rapid Mix Units Springwells Water Treatment Plant)

GLWA-RFB-SCP-DWS-059 (Belle Isle Water Supply Intake Lagoon Main Entrance Bridge Pile Restoration and Other Bridge Improvements)

GLWA-SCP-DWS-065 (Conner Creek CSO Control Facility Access Hatches)

GLWA-RFP-CS-076 (Compensation and Benefits Survey Services)

GLWA-CS-039 (Units of Service for Non-Master Metered Customers)

GLWA-CS-036 (Comprehensive Regional Wastewater Master Plan Project)

GLWA-PC-795 (Pump Station no. 2 Pumping Improvements; Book 1 of 3 [part 1])

GLWA-RFP-CS-1738 (Professional Engineering Services for Orion and Newburgh Pumping Stations Improvements)

GLWA-SCP-CS-054 (Professional Engineering Services for the North Service Center Hydraulic Transient Analysis)

GLWA-RFP-CS-1749 (Professional Engineering Services for Ford Road Booster Station Improvements)

GLWA-RFP-CS-1781 (Oversight Services for Progressive Design-Build Rouge River Outfall Project)

GLWA-RFP-CS-052  (Professional Engineering Services for Needs Assessment of Water Supply System Pumping Stations)

GLWA SCP-CS-1777 (Professional Engineering Services for the Repair of Portions of the Springwells, Pennsylvania and Northeast Raw Water Tunnels)

GLWA-CS-1771 (Professional Engineering Services for the Condition Assessment, Design of Filter and Flow Instrumentation and Controls Improvements at the Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant)

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