Closed Solicitations

Closed Solicitations

GLWA-CON-170-RFB (Sludge Removal and Disposal Services at the Northeast, Southwest and Springwells Water Treatment Plants)

GLWA-CON-253 RFB (Springwells Water Treatment Plant Reservoir Fill Line Improvements)

GLWA-CON-251 (Springwells Water Treatment Plant Replacement of 1958 Process Train Rapid Mix Units)

GLWA-CON-215A RFB (Low Lift Caisson Rehabilitation at the Northeast Water Treatment Plant)

GLWA-CON-260 RFB (CSO Outfalls Rehabilitation – Phase 1)

GLWA-CON-247-RFB (GLWA Southwest Water Treatment Plant – Raw Water Sampling Modifications)

GLWA-CON-089A RFB (Low Voltage Wiring)

GLWA-CON-170-RFB (Sludge Removal and Disposal Services at the Northeast, Southwest and Springwells Water Treatment Plants)

GLWA-CON-182 RFB (Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant Backflow Preventer Replacement)

GLWA-CS-235 RFP (Property and Casualty Insurance Brokerage and Ancillary Services)

GLWA-CON-225 RFB (Orion Pumping Station Improvements)

GLWA-CS-231 RFP (Systems Control Operation Service)

GLWA-DB-093 RFP (Design-Build Roofing Repair and Replacement for the 1930’s Filter Building of the Springwells Water Treatment Plant)

GLWA-CON-197 RFB (Modification to Incinerator Sludge Feed Systems in Complex II at WRRF)

GLWA-DB-226 RFP (Repair and Rehabilitate Detroit River Interceptor (DRI) from Altar Road to Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility)

GLWA-CON-229 RFB Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) Complex I Incineration Heating Rehabilitation

GLWA-CON-223 RFB (Facility Maintenance Services)

GLWA-WS-695C RFB (Valve Exercising Water System Transmission Main) 

GLWA-CS-216 RFP Third-Party Facilitators – Customer Outreach Program

GLWA-CON-212 RFB (Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant Mechanical Improvements)

GLWA-CON-208 RFB Final (Water Works Part Water Treatment Plant Chlorine Disinfection System Replacement and Improvements)

GLWA-SOQ-135A RFP (Security Infrastructure Improvement) 

GLWA-CS-198 RFP (Asset Management Planning)

GLWA-CS-166 RFP (Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Implementation Assistance and Related Services)

GLWA-CON-199 RFB (Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant Alum Sludge Removal and Disposal Servies for Lagoons No. 1 & 3) 

GLWA-CS-181 RFP (Water Transmission Main Assessment/Repair) 

GLWA-CON-183 RFB (Detroit River Interceptor Construction)

GLWA-CON-179 RFB (Professional and Technical Services for Sewer Meter Support)

GLWA-WS-695B RFB (Valve Exercising Water System Transmission Main)

GLWA-CS-151 (Professional Engineering Services for Reservoir Inspection, Design, and Construction Project at Implay Station, West Service Center, Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant, Springwells Water Treatment Plant and Southwest Water Treatment Plant)

 GLWA-DB-173 (High Lift Pump Exciter Cubicle Retrofit)

RFP-GLWA-CS-168 (Rehabilitation of GLWA Conveyance System Interceptors and Trunk Sewers)

GLWA-CON-143 (Roof Replacement of Incinerator Complex II-Post Fire) 

RFP-GLWA-CS-103 (Professional Engineering Services for Springwells Water Treatment Plant Low and High Lift Pumping Station Improvements)

RFB-GLWA-CON-158 (Specialized Services Contract to Support Systems Control Center)

RFP-CS-149 (Professional Engineering Services for Emergency Sewer Repair)

RFP-GLWA-CS-152 (Route Analysis and Preliminary Design)

RFP-GLWA-DB-150 (Design-Build/Repair for portions of the Pennsylvania, Springwells and Northeast Raw Water Tunnels)

RFB-GLWA-SCP-CON-127 (Decommissioning of Existing Water Main and Ductwork Rehabilitation at the Wastewater Treatment Plant)

RFB-GLWA-CS-090A (Professional Engineering Services for Instrumentation and SCADA Systems Service)

RFP-GLWA-CS-147 (Professional Engineering Services for Water Works Park Comprehensive Condition Assessment)

GLWA-RFP-CS-076 (Compensation and Benefits Survey Services)

GLWA-RFP-CS-052  (Professional Engineering Services for Needs Assessment of Water Supply System Pumping Stations)

GLWA-DBW-069 (Stipulated Fixed Price Design-Build Services for Construction of Lapeer County Isolation Valve and Associated Structure; Book 1)

GLWA-DBW-070 (Stipulated fixed price design-build services for construction of Lapeer County Chlorine Booster Stations; Book 1 of 3)

GLWA-RFP-CS-055 (Professional Engineering Services for Yard Piping, Valves and Venturi Meters Replacement at Water Works Park)

GLWA-SCP-CS-045 (Professional Engineering Services for Replacement of 1958 Process Train Rapid Mix Units Springwells Water Treatment Plant)

GLWA-RFB-SCP-DWS-059 (Belle Isle Water Supply Intake Lagoon Main Entrance Bridge Pile Restoration and Other Bridge Improvements)

GLWA-SCP-DWS-065 (Conner Creek CSO Control Facility Access Hatches)

GLWA-RFP-CS-076A (Compensation and Benefits Survey Services)

GLWA-CS-039 (Units of Service for Non-Master Metered Customers)

GLWA-CS-036 (Comprehensive Regional Wastewater Master Plan Project)

GLWA-PC-795 (Pump Station no. 2 Pumping Improvements; Book 1 of 3 [part 1])

GLWA-RFP-CS-1738 (Professional Engineering Services for Orion and Newburgh Pumping Stations Improvements)

GLWA-SCP-CS-054 (Professional Engineering Services for the North Service Center Hydraulic Transient Analysis)

GLWA-RFP-CS-1749 (Professional Engineering Services for Ford Road Booster Station Improvements)

GLWA-RFP-CS-1781 (Oversight Services for Progressive Design-Build Rouge River Outfall Project)

GLWA-CS-1771 (Professional Engineering Services for the Condition Assessment, Design of Filter and Flow Instrumentation and Controls Improvements at the Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant)

GLWA-RFP-CS-052A (Professional Engineering Services for Needs Assessment of Water Supply System Pumping Stations

GLWA-CS-213 RFP (Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Services)

GLWA-CON-248 RFB (GLWA Southwest Water Treatment Plant – Phosphoric Acid and Chlorine System Improvements)


GLWA-CON-219 RFB (Debris Removal, Disposal, Cleaning and Flowmeter Services in Influent Conduit at Baby Creek CSO Facility)

GLWA-CON-089 RFB (Low Voltage Wiring) 

GLWA-RFP-CS-077 (Occupational Health Services)

GLWA-RFP-CS-108 (Professional Engineering Services for Automation Needs Assessment of Water Treatment Plants

GLWA-RFB-CON-133 (Water Plant Production Flow Measurement and Related Facility Improvements)

RFP-GLWA-SCP-DB-112 (Springwells Water Treatment Plant Emergency Grating and Structural Steel Replacement)

GLWA-SCP-CON-094 (Belle Isle Water Supply Intake Lagoon Ice Boom Replacement and Improvements)

GLWA-RFP-CS-132 (External Auditing Services)

GLWA-CS-015 (Asset/Property Valuation Services)

GLWA-SOQ-020 (Professional Architectural and Related Services)

GLWA-PC-757 (Rehabilitation of Rectangular Primary Clarifiers; Book 1 of 3)

GLWA-WW-538 (Miscellaneous Concrete Crack Repair and Restoration and Re-pavement of Plant Access Roads at Water Works Park II Water Treatment Plant; Book 1 of 3)

GLWA-CS-041 (Bond Underwriting Services)

GLWA-CS-1772 (Professional Engineering Study Phase Services for Division Valves at West Service Center)

GLWA-RFEI-CS-024 (Capital Program Management Services)

GLWA-RFP-CS-056 (Learning Management System)

GLWA-PC-796 (Aeration System Improvements)

GLWA-PC-796 (Part II)

GLWA-PC-796 (Various Attachments)

GLWA-RFB-1030 (Battery Maintenance and Testing)

GLWA-RFP-1015 (Laboratory Information Management System)

GLWA-RFP-1014 (Pre-treatment Information Management System)

GLWA PC-798 (Facilities Maintenance Requirement Contract, Part I)

GLWA PC-798 (Facilities Maintenance Requirement Contract, Part II)

GLWA-PC-798A (Facilities Maintenance Requirement Contract)

GLWA-LH-046 (Removal, Dewatering, Transportation and Disposal of Alum Sludge from Lagoons at the Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant; Book 1 of 3)

GLWA-RFB-1041 (Hauling, Land Application and Disposal of Biosolids)

GLWA-RFP-CS-1730 (Professional Engineering Services for Raw Water Sampling Modifications at the Southwest Water Treatment Plant)

GLWA SCP-CS-038 (Professional Engineering Services for Springwells Reservoir Fill Line Improvements)

GLWA-CS-006 (Third Party Administrator)


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