Closed Solicitations

Closed Solicitations

GLWA-RFP-CS-077 (Occupational Health Services)

GLWA-RFP-CS-108 (Professional Engineering Services for Automation Needs Assessment of Water Treatment Plants

GLWA-RFB-CON-133 (Water Plant Production Flow Measurement and Related Facility Improvements)

RFP-GLWA-SCP-DB-112 (Springwells Water Treatment Plant Emergency Grating and Structural Steel Replacement)

GLWA-SCP-CON-094 (Belle Isle Water Supply Intake Lagoon Ice Boom Replacement and Improvements)

GLWA-RFP-CS-132 (External Auditing Services)

GLWA-CS-015 (Asset/Property Valuation Services)

GLWA-SOQ-020 (Professional Architectural and Related Services)

GLWA-PC-757 (Rehabilitation of Rectangular Primary Clarifiers; Book 1 of 3)

GLWA-WW-538 (Miscellaneous Concrete Crack Repair and Restoration and Re-pavement of Plant Access Roads at Water Works Park II Water Treatment Plant; Book 1 of 3)

GLWA-CS-041 (Bond Underwriting Services)

GLWA-CS-1772 (Professional Engineering Study Phase Services for Division Valves at West Service Center)

GLWA-RFEI-CS-024 (Capital Program Management Services)

GLWA-RFP-CS-056 (Learning Management System)

GLWA-PC-796 (Aeration System Improvements)

GLWA-PC-796 (Part II)

GLWA-PC-796 (Various Attachments)

GLWA-RFB-1030 (Battery Maintenance and Testing)

GLWA-RFP-1015 (Laboratory Information Management System)

GLWA-RFP-1014 (Pre-treatment Information Management System)

GLWA PC-798 (Facilities Maintenance Requirement Contract, Part I)

GLWA PC-798 (Facilities Maintenance Requirement Contract, Part II)

GLWA-PC-798A (Facilities Maintenance Requirement Contract)

GLWA-LH-046 (Removal, Dewatering, Transportation and Disposal of Alum Sludge from Lagoons at the Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant; Book 1 of 3)

GLWA-RFB-1041 (Hauling, Land Application and Disposal of Biosolids)

GLWA-RFP-CS-1730 (Professional Engineering Services for Raw Water Sampling Modifications at the Southwest Water Treatment Plant)

GLWA SCP-CS-038 (Professional Engineering Services for Springwells Reservoir Fill Line Improvements)

GLWA-CS-006 (Third Party Administrator)


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