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Great Lakes Water Authority
735 Randolph, Suite 1900
Detroit, MI 48226

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Great Lakes Water Authority
P.O. Box 441370
Detroit, MI 48224-1371

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Other Contacts

CEO Office: email

New Contract or Contract Negotiation: 313-964-9034

Contracts and Grants/General Info:

Wholesale Customer Outreach and Portal: 248-476-7577, or email

Systems Planning and Wholesale Customer Service: 313-964-9301, or email

Water Quality: 313-926-8102

Pressure or Flow Issues: 313-267-6000, or email

Water Meter Issues: 313-267-9007, or email

Sewer Meter Issues: 313-267-8977, or email

Wholesale Automated Meter Read (WAMR) Portal: 313-267-1474, or email

Greater Detroit Regional Sewer System (GDRSS) Portal: 313-267-1474, or email

Industrial Waste Control: 313-297-5850, or email

Easements: 313-267-8987


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