Capital Improvement Planning

The GLWA Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) Committee shall meet periodically with GLWA’s Chief Executive Officer or staff designated by the Chief Executive Officer regarding:

Draft Capital Improvement Program FYs 2019-2023

GLWA 2019-2023 CIP 20180131 v2.0

GLWA 2019-2023 CIP 20180206 v2.0 Appendix A

GLWA 2019-2023 CIP 20180206 v2.0 Appendix B

GLWA 2019-2023 CIP 20180206 v2.0 Appendix C

Approved Capital Improvement Program FYs 2018-2022

GLWA 2018-2022 CIP V2.0 

GLWA 2018-2022 CIP Appendix A V2.0 – Water

GLWA 2018-2022 CIP Appendix B V2.0 – Wastewater

GLWA 2018-2022 CIP Appendix C V2.0 – Centralized Services

GLWA 2018-2022 CIP Appendix D V2.0 – Project Prioritization

GLWA 2018-2022 CIP Appendix E V2.0 – Project Funding Sources

GLWA 2018-2022 CIP V15.4 2017-07-6P

Capital Improvement Program Approved Sewer Plan for FYs 2017-2021

Capital Improvement Program Amended Water Plan for FYs 2017-2021 (Amended 9-14-16)

Capital Improvement Planning Committee Documents

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